MS Access Repair Tool

Have you ever faced the following issues with your MS Access Files?

  • Unrecognized database format 'filename.mdb'"
  • The search is unable to find in any record
  • You cannot find the items in the collection with their requested name.
  • The table is entirely locked by the Admin.
  • ****.mdb cannot be accessed
  • Invalid field data type
  • MS jet database engine is unable to find the object.

Looks that you have faced the same problem with your MS Access File do you know the reason behind this it might be that your MS Access file is damaged or corrupted. If want to restore your content or data all you need to do is to repair it by using MS Access Repair Tool which easily repairs your corrupted files without changing its original files and restores all the objects to new database.

MS Access Database Reapir

About Microsoft (MS) Access:

Microsoft Access is also known as Microsoft Office Access developed by Microsoft. It is a relational database management system specially designed for business use and home. It is also known as desktop database system as it can work only for one computer. This software package is a member of MS office suite just like the other softwares. This tool helps you to create browser based application through which you can easily run your business. It stores your data in relational database management system that makes it more secure and easy to share your applications with your colleagues. It stores each and every part if database such as tables, forms, report in single MDB file on the hard disk.

Causes behind the corruption of Microsoft Access:

There are many reasons behind the corrupted or damaged MS Access files. When you find your important data inaccessible that is the toughest situation. Her you have the few issues that occurs when you’re data is corrupted.

  • If your hard disk has some bad sectors then it will surely infect your MDB file as it is stored in this sector. This result in data storage failure where you can only read your data which contains lots of errors.
  • The remote MDB database can cause corruption if you are trying to access it from other computer through network links and if it is causing problems then it damages your files.
  • Power failure the main reason behind your file corruption.
  • An incorrect file recovery tool can also damage your MDB files.
  • File system disaster can even delete your MDB files or can retrieve your MDF file to contain incorrect or incomplete data.
  • Improper shut down of your MS Access while you are working or operating MDB database are also marked as corrupted by Jet database engine.
  • Malicious softwares or viruses like Trojan horse, spywares are harmful that damages the Access of MDB files and leaves it inaccessible.

How to repair corrupted or damaged or Inaccessible MS Access files?

MS Access considered being the best database management application when it causes a corruption issue that leaves you in problematic situation and makes your database inaccessible.MS Access database MDB files can be corrupted or damaged due to number of reasons such as virus attacks, server crash, data synchronization failure, database management failure etc. In this case you need an Access Repair Tool it repairs database from all the corruptions errors. In a few seconds it fixes the errors and restores the corrupted database. It is a perfect solution to get back your corrupted MDB file and all objects. This tool helps to you relax from the tension of losing your important files. This advance solution provide perfect recovery and restoring of access database with all queries, table’s structure, primary key’s, table’s data and objects. It is fast solution to repair access database. This powerful tool takes few seconds to repair your severely damaged files. So if you want your files back on your database download MS Access Repair Tool and experience its powerful work.

Features of MS Access Repair Software

  • It recovers the data entrenched in the corrupted file such as memo data, table data, OLE objects or original date format.
  • Before saving the recovered data with the help of live preview technology it displays all the recovered data to the user.
  • It can repair corrupted, damaged or inaccessible MS Access MDB and ACCDB files with complete care.
  • Recovers corrupted or deleted data even after the loss of MBR, File Allocation Table or Boot sector.
  • Restores table structures such as primary keys, foreign keys, auto number, field size etc.
  • It even recovers MDB files from password protected Microsoft Access.
  • Supports Microsoft Access 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 versions.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use GUI.